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Project description

Walkers Recycling is a family-run business started by Eddie Walker at his Mitchells Plain home. He started from a residential base and began collecting high-value recyclable material from the CBD in 2005. The business has since evolved into a small enterprise (trading as C and E Logistics CC) that operates with full recognition from the City of Cape Town from an industrial park (click here for the waste service provider accreditation). The business now employs 10 people, all historically disadvantaged in the South African context.

The business has been collecting waste for a decade but initiated the idea of securing carbon credits in 2013. It is the intention to account for and secure carbon revenue from 2013. The project was audited for the first time in June 2015.

        Walker's Recycling StaffWalkers Recycling sorting waste

Audited (2015) GHG Reductions:
• 2012: 317 tCO2e
• 2013: 510 tCO2e
• 2014: 741 tCO2e

Walker's Recycling is a South African business (Pty, Ltd) based in Coleman Park, in the Elsie’s River industrial area. Walker's Recycling operates a vehicle fleet that collects waste from homes, restaurants and nightclubs for sorting by team of employees. Walker's Recycling plays the role of Project Developer in this project and is responsible for managing the waste collection and sorting and remunerating waste-pickers that are active at its site in Coleman Park. It has been agreed that proceeds from any carbon revenue will be used to increase waste collection through the employment of new waste collectors and an increase in the scale of Walker's Recycling’s operations.

Methodologies Involved in Emission Reduction:
Estimates of carbon savings are based on the principles contained in the approved CDM-Executive Board methodology for recovery and recycling of materials from solid waste: AMS-3-AJ, including an informal waste sector, a recycling facility and a processing and manufacturing facility.

Project Benefits:

The project sees local households, restaurants, and commercial ventures reducing their quantity of waste that goes to landfill. This shift is associated with:
• An increase in recycling
• An increase in the reuse of materials (rather than to landfill or recycling)
• Income and job-creation through the on-sale of recycling
• Sustainable job and enterprise creation through waste and recycling management (transport, collection/delivery, processing) companies
• A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
• Setting a replicable precedent for community-scale dry waste recycling and management solutions

Capacity Building and Walker's Recycling sustainability:
The emergence of Walker's Recycling as a recognised recycling company represents a significant step in the advancement of Cape Town’s waste handling economy and the emergence of black economic empowerment companies. Walker's Recycling was initiated and is now fully owned by previously disadvantaged South Africans and has grown to prominence without any state assistance.

Walker's Recycling Project Idea Note:

A Project Idea Note (PIN) was drawn up to formalise the project scope with regards to carbon credits, click here to download the PIN.

Walker's Recycling audit:

The first Walker's Recycling audit on behalf of Credible Carbon was done by GCS for the period 1 January, 2012 to 31 December, 2014.

This audit showed that the Walker's Recycling project had delivered 1 570.14 tonnes CO2.

To download the Walker's Recycling audit of June, 2015, click here.

This audit showed that the project had delivered 1 570 tonnes CO2.

Waste Service Provider Accreditation from the city of Cape Town:

Walker's Recycling recieved accreditation in May 2015, click here to download the documentation.



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