COP 17
06 December 2011

I am still not confident of a global deal that is "binding, fair and ambitious" (lets see what emerges at the week-end) but there was much else to be positive about. The Community of people working on climate change is diverse, inspired and increasingly coherent.

I was most encouraged by the discussions I sat in on regarding the future of CDM. PACE has long been aware of exactly how and why CDM fails Africa and it seems we are no longer alone. I expect the CDM to survive COP17 (which is a good thing) but to be exposed to changes that in many ways will make it more like our own Credible Carbon registry. I also anticipate a greater recognition of instruments such as Credible Carbon and their role on the African continent. The end of CDM monopoly power and an increased flexibility and innovation in the carbon market. That has to be good for PACE projects and the Credible Carbon registry.

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