Project audits in May
13 May 2012
Our projects sell their carbon through the Credible Carbon registry. The name is important. Being credible requires that each project is audited annually by independent experts - people with a longstanding reputation in the field. This year Credible Carbon asked Carbon Calculated and Urban Earth to audit Umdoni and Trashback respectively. The results should be available by the end of May. It is a crucial process for the projects as they find out whether they have met the registry standards and whether they have saved as much carbon as they claim. The audit process is structured around Credible Carbon's "four big questions": Is the project real? Is the carbon saving technology in place and functioning according to it's design specification? Are the estimates of carbon savings unbiased and plausible? Is there a discernible impact on poverty? Only once projects have passed an audit do their credits become available for sale. Audits are intense but necessary. Credible Carbon audits focus on the type of information that buyers need, and that should be produced by small poverty alleviating projects in Africa. The process typically lasts about four days and costs and order of magnitude less than audits in either the CDM registry or the major voluntary Market registries. At the same time it aims to produce better quality project information - too many registry audits have become exercises in obfuscation. In the past some of our major buyers have accompanied the auditors on site visits, as observers. Site visits by prospective buyers are always welcome, as this is the best way to get to know a project and to hear the stories of project beneficiaries.




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