Kuyasa carbon credits now available from Credible Carbon
13 December 2014

Kuyasa is a low-income housing development in the Khayelitsha township of Cape Town. The project involves three types of technology intervention at 2,140 different households:

  • energy efficient lighting
  • insulated ceilings
  • solar water heaters (SWHs)
The the project’s intention to reduce household dependency on grid

electricity and paraffin, which are used for lighting, water heating and thermo-regulation of homes. The technology interventions enable a reduction of greenhouse gases associated with the burning of paraffin and
the use of South African grid electricity, which is largely coal based. Co-benefits of the project include reduced indoor air pollution, more temperate indoor temperatures as a result of the ceilings and reduced risks of household fires.

The Kuyasa project was the first CDM Gold Standard to be registered in the world (2005). The actual interventions started in 2008. TUV Nord (a Designatd Operating Entity operating on behalf of the CDM), began the first CDM verification in 2010. However, to date the audit has not been completed and no CDM credits have been issued. The high costs associated with verification, validation and issuance under Gold Standard and CDM have proven prohibitive for projects of Kuyasa's scale.  In late 2013, the City of Cape Town and South South North, who have been managing the project, decided to lodge the credits  from 1 January 2010 with the Credible Carbon registry. The vintage dates were selected to avoid any double registation with CDM. Within three months the project had been vetted by Credible Carbon and audited against the Credible Carbon Standard. Credits are now available for sale to the public on this web-site. 

Credible Carbon



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