COP 21, some commentary
15 December 2015

Smart Grid News, 14 December, 2015.

After two weeks of negotiations in Paris, a climate agreement that is being called "transformative" has been reached.

"It sends a powerful, immediate signal to global markets that the clean energy future is open for business. It makes a moral call for dramatic action that leaves no one behind, and moves us closer to the crucial turning point when global carbon emissions, which have been rising for more than two centuries, finally begin to decline," said Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund. "Paris begins a new, more ambitious chapter in the history of climate action. The era of delay is over. We're in the race of our lives -- and we're acting on that knowledge. This breakthrough happened because the nations of the world -- developed and developing, north and south, large and small -- moved beyond the old excuses for delay and pledged substantial cuts in the pollution that is damaging our climate."

The framework includes an agreement to mobilize funds for climate finance from a wide variety of public and private sources -- building on the commitment made in Copenhagen and doubling the U.S. commitment to adaptation finance. This funding will help developing nations get on the clean energy path and creates an enormous business opportunity for the renewable energy industry globally.


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