Draft Carbon Tax Bill out for comment
03 November 2015

Draft Carbon Tax out for comment

A draft draft Carbon Tax Bill released yesterday (2nd November, 2015) for comment proposes a revised carbon tax design informed by the need for a system that is administratively feasible and practically applicable to ‘most greenhouse gas emissions’. This is according to a memorandum on the Bill’s objects, which also notes that the proposed new statute takes cognisance of the need for a long, smooth, sustainable transition to a low carbon economy that neither compromises SA’s competitiveness nor burdens the country’s vulnerable households. During the five years following implementation date, a revenue-neutral carbon tax that is also electricity-price-neutral is envisaged with the aim of ensuring that distressed sectors such as mining are not unduly burdened. A media statement accompanying the draft Bill notes that, during this period, all carbon tax revenue will ‘recycled’ by way of a reduced electricity levy and a tax incentive for energy efficiency savings among other things.

The Draft Tax Bill, is published for public comments and is available on the National Treasury website

Written comments should be submitted to Dr. Memory Machingambi, email: by the close of business on 15 December 2015.

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