Reduce, reuse, price carbon
05 October 2015


Reduce, reuse, price carbon

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CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) reported a threefold increase in the number of companies that use an internal price on carbon. 436 companies now use an internal price on carbon, up from 150 companies last year. Many of these companies – including General Motors, Microsoft, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, TD Bank, Commerzbank, and others – use this internal price in part to finance carbon offset purchases. Another 583 companies said they plan to use an internal price on carbon in the next two years. In a report published earlier this year, Ecosystem Marketplace found that companies with an internal price on carbon were five times more likely to include offsetting in their carbon management strategy.

40 and counting

The tally for national carbon pricing programs is up to 40, according to the World Bank's State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2015 report, released in September. In addition, the report tracked 12 sub-national carbon pricing efforts around the world. "Together, carbon pricing instruments cover about half of the emissions in these jurisdictions, which translates to about 7 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, or about 12 percent of global emissions," the authors find. Previous research by Ecosystem Marketplace has found that the existence of compliance markets often spurs rather than deters voluntary offset buyers.

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