A short synopsis on benefits of carbon pricing
14 April 2016

Putting a price on carbon

Alex Hetherington, 14 April, 2016.

"I recently read a great blog from Ceres on the motivation for putting a price to carbon as a means of weaning the world off fossil fuels. 

 Here are some key facts from the article:

  1. The costs of climate change – health impacts, property losses, drought, etc – are not factored into the price of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels are a primary cause of climate change. 
  2. Ignoring the costs of carbon pollution makes fossil fuels appear less expensive than they actually are, and tilts the scales against clean energy sources.
  3. Well-designed carbon pricing systems (taxes or cap-and-trade) signals to the market that cleaner energy should be considered.
  4. Currently 40 countries and over 20 cities, states and regions are putting a price on carbon – according to the World Bank. 
  5. 400 investors with $24 trillion in assets called for "stable, economically-meaningful carbon pricing".
  6. At the UN Climate talks in Paris last year, governments, businesses and NGO's announced the "Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalistion" to promote the adoption of carbon pricing globally.
  7. Countries that have adopted carbon pricing have seen tremendous growth in clean energy investment – Mexico with 114% growth last year and Chile with 157%. 

All good food for thought regarding SA's carbon tax."

The Ceres article can be seen here.

And a Huffington Post article here.

Carbon Pricing



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