Six predictions: 2016 carbon markets
07 January 2016

Six predictions: 2016 carbon markets

Smart Grid News, 6 January. 2016.

The concern surrounding climate change reached its pitch at the UN negotiations in Paris in November 2015.

As the debate continues, the Climate Trust has predicted -- with the help of its group of working partners, including utilities, government, project developers and large businesses -- some trends to look out for in the carbon market in 2016.

1. Carbon pricing will play a key role for many jurisdictions worldwide as they plan to meet their emission reduction targets from the Paris.

2. In Oregon, policies related to clean energy will take center stage in 2016.

3. Addressing climate change will play a larger role in state and federal decision-making.

4. Increased U.S. carbon market linkage as states prepare for the Clean Power Plan. 

5. Conservation finance spurred by divest/invest movement.

6. New legislation will extend California's cap-and-trade system to 2030 or beyond.

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