14 December 2016
Workers at the Spier estate in Stellenbosch in South Africa's winelands will have a little extra to spend this Christmas after the farm decided to divide a portion of cash earned via carbon credits.

17 November 2015

26 October 2015
Esse Organic Skincare is South Africa’s first personal care company to achieve this important carbon neutral designation. Esse partnered with Credible Carbon, a voluntary carbon market registry to offset its carbon emissions with carbon credits.

22 October 2015
A Huffington Post article: Carbon taxes should be applied comprehensively to emissions from fossil fuels. The price must be high enough to achieve ambitious environmental goals, in alignment with national circumstances, and it must be stable, or else!

22 October 2015
South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) recently closed submissions for comments on the Draft Regulations for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting for the country.

13 October 2015
Carbon Calculated carried out the audit of Reliance Compost's carbon emission reductions for the 2014 year. The emission reductions were 208 310 tCO2e, up from 154 702 in 2013.

25 June 2015
Walker’s Recycling is an informal recycling operation located in Elsie’s River. It is a family run business started by Eddie Walker at his Mitchell's Plain home that has now been accredited by the City of Cape Town as a Waste Service Provider.

13 December 2014
The Credible Carbon registry is now offering carbon credits from the Kuyasa housing project in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Kuyasa was the first Gold Standard CDM project in the world and recently chose to sell its credits through Credible Carbon.

06 August 2014
Credible Carbon has been shortlisted as one of four finalists in the Eco-logic Awards - climate change category.

02 May 2014
National Treasury on Tuesday published the ‘Carbon Offsets Paper’ for public comment, outlining a carbon offset scheme to complement South Africa’s planned carbon tax, effective from 2016.

29 April 2014
The National Treasury on Tuesday published the ‘Carbon Offsets Paper’ for public comment, outlining proposals for a carbon offset scheme that would enable businesses to lower their carbon tax liability and make investments that would reduce GHG emissi

27 March 2014
A report released at the JSE on Wednesday concluded that the potential structuring of the market for a carbon-offset trading system in South Africa would be possible within the same time frame as the implementation of the country’s carbon tax in 2016.

25 March 2014
DevMit Forum at UCT not only chose to off-set the event’s emissions, but also honoured their own research and the strategic focus of the forum, by paying what has become a record price ($40/ ton) to the Credible Carbon registry for their off-sets.

12 March 2013
The unintended consequences of South Africa’s proposal to introduce a carbon tax as from January 1, 2015, had to be analysed, Sasol CEO David Constable said on Monday.

22 February 2013
Introducing a price on carbon is the biggest single intervention we can make to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, writes Harald Winkler

13 February 2013
European Union carbon permits advanced to their highest since February 6 as the environment committee of the bloc’s parliament prepares to vote on a measure to temporarily cut supply of the certificates.

28 February 2012
Developing carbon trading projects is inherently complex, but every now and then a new publication comes out that makes our work easier. Many congrats to Margaret and Amanda at Urban Earth for having the insight to simplify carbon information.

06 December 2011
Just back for COP17....too early for definitive views, but it was a stimulating and encouraging event in spite of what much the popular media will have us believe. Having been in Copenhagen 2 years ago, I am encouraged by what I heard and saw.

11 November 2011
Delighted to announce a new project for PACE

31 August 2011
Carbon is pouring than during a dramatic event 56 million years ago that raised into Earth's atmosphere ten times faster today than during.



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